Students React to Commencement Alternatives

by Brenda Rojo-Cruz, Contributor “It’s absolutely been disappointing and sad. I feel like my senior year has ended without any closure,” said graduating Georgia Southern student Samantha Best. “I do, however, feel the university made the right choice; it’s just too risky.” As COVID-19 continues to grip the United States, universities across the nation have suspended in-person classes... Continue Reading →

Changing Perspectives: The Perspective Art Exhibit

By Rebecca Munday, Staff Writer   Art pieces often make viewers think about the world around them. The artists’ concrete goal of transforming a viewer’s perspective is rarely stated, but rather implied. However, the Visual Arts majors who have their work displayed in the Senior Art Exhibit titled, “Perspective” explicitly say to add a new... Continue Reading →

High School, High Art: Annual Congressional High School Competition Exhibition

by Emily Dietrich, Staff Writer Each year, the Armstrong Campus of Georgia Southern University hosts a gallery exhibition to showcase competition entries from Georgia’s 1st Congressional District in the Fine Arts Hall room 129.   What’s more impressive than the swirling array of colors and exemplary artistic flair? These works were created by local high school... Continue Reading →

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