Ustyle: Jeffery Finney

Ustyle Pic

Jeffery Finney, Sophomore, Biology Pre-Med

By Jocelyne Garcia, Staff Writer

How do you describe your style?

Metro and casual. I like for it to stand out and use popping colors.

What is your go-to item?

I can’t leave the house without a watch on.

What is your recommendation for men, bow ties or long ties?

I go for bow ties. Bow ties help express your feelings behind it. Some people are meant to wear bow ties and some are meant to wear long ties.

Do you have a favorite store you like visiting?

I like going to H&M, Express, American Eagle, Old Navy, and Levi’s.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I use Pinterest a lot and follow clothing stores on Instagram.

What advice do you give people on showing off their style?

Always try something new and different. Never be afraid of what people will say because it’s your taste and that’s all that matters.


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