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Friday Lunchtime Concert Series offers opportunity for local collaborations

By Andrew Sutphen, Staff Writer The Friday Lunchtime Concert Series, which will take place at Trinity Church this fall, is the brainchild of Andrew Ripley. Ripley is an Oboe player in The Savannah Philharmonic, a mixologist, and all-around local celebrity who recently graced the cover of Connect’s College Student Guide dressed as John Belushi in Animal House.

Ripley summed up the series in a few words saying, “The basic idea here is to put together pairs of working Savannah musicians that don’t typically play together, or even in the same style.”

As a member and fan of Savannah’s small but talented music scene, Ripley has a more personal reason for the concerts.

“This series is a chance for some cross-pollination, not only of our local working musicians, but of their audiences as well,” he said.

He further explained the freestyle approach to the collaborations stating that musicians only need half an hour of music which can include each other’s original music, collaborations or covers of other artists’ music.

Although the upcoming show is not the first of the concerts, considering the artists involved, it seems like this series might be something that will warrant a reprise. Some of the musicians paired are classically trained while some are in serious local rock bands. Spare a Friday lunchtime, and check out these must-see musical collabs.

The Friday Lunchtime Concert series schedule:

10/2 Britt Scott (American Hologram) brittscott83@gmail.com and Jackson Evans (jazz guitar phenom) info@jacksonevans.com

10/9 Tiny Orchestra of Savannah  (members of the Savannah Philharmonic)

10/16 Jesse Monkman (composer/percussionist) monkman@gmail.com and Isaac Smith (singer/songwriter) isaac@isaacsmithmusic.com

10/23 Ricardo Ochoa (Velvet Caravan) savannahricardo@gmail.com and Jeff Zagers (Soft Science Records) jeffreyzagers@gmail.com

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