Find Your “SoleMate” with Go Green Armstrong

Go Green President Jonathan Hatala proudly displays a collection box

By Jess Kean, Staff Writer

GGA president, Jonathan Hatala proudly displays one of the collection boxes for the “Find Your SoleMate” campaign.
Go Green President Jonathan Hatala proudly displays a collection box

If you have not noticed the cardboard boxes scattered around the Armstrong campus, now would be a great time to start looking. Go Green Armstrong (GGA), a student organization promoting an eco-friendly campus, is currently working with Community Recycling to recycle shoes and raise money to promote a more sustainable campus.

GGA president Jonathan Hatala expressed that giving back to the community is worthwhile. “We’re fundraising for a more sustainable campus, but we’re actually being sustainable in doing this,” he said.

Community Recycling has collected more than 1 million pounds of shoes and Hatala explained that the shoes are distributed worldwide after each box is filled. Through Community Recycling, shoes have been distributed to South America and Africa. Hence, the idea “Recycle your shoes, find your SoleMate.”

Right now there are five donation boxes on campus and GGA is encouraging students to continue dropping off their shoes. The success has been varied with one box almost full, while others still in progress.

GGA plans to keep the boxes out until they are filled and continue recycling shoes until the end of next semester. Shoes can be conveniently dropped off in any box and can be found in the Science Center, the Student Union, the Learning Commons, Solms Hall and University Hall.

The organization is encouraging Armstrong students and faculty to continue donating their gently used shoes throughout the school year. The funds go toward multiple environmental objectives, one of which focuses on procuring more recycling bins for Armstrong’s residential areas.