Clothesline Project addresses violence against women

Shirts decorated by students hang on a clothesline near the student union at Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority Inc.’s event – Thursday April 21, 2016 (Photo by Emily Smith

Emily Smith, Editor in Chief

In honor of sexual assault awareness month, Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority and the Chatham County Rape Crisis Center hosted the Clothesline Project Thursday March 19 in front of the Student Union.

The Clothesline Project is a nationally recognized program that addresses the issue of violence against women by encouraging participants to express their emotions by decorating a shirt.

Some garments were made by Armstrong students and others were donated by The Rape Crisis Center. The shirts were then hung on a clothesline to be viewed by others as a testimony to violence against women.

“1 in 4 will be a victim at one point or another…[we’re here] to help in the healing process,” AKA Program Chair April Norton said.

Audio of symbolic bell, whistle, and gong sounds filled the air, representing the frequency at which women are murdered, raped, and assaulted.

“A lot of abuse is on campuses between boyfriends and girlfriends,” AKA Advisor Audrey Singleton said. “We’re letting them know that we’re against domestic and sexual violence.”

If you or someone you know is a victim of violence, visit the Armstrong Counseling Center on the first floor in the 7000 building of Compass Point or, contact the Rape Crisis Hotline at 912-233-3000


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