Savannah, Georgia is a drinking capital. It has a city law that excites “the hostess city” tourist, the ability to possess or consume an alcoholic beverage in a plastic container. It is a place where bars and restaurants are opening all the time.

I recently turned twenty-one and being able to experience the nightlife in Savannah has been a blast. I’ve discovered many dive bars, exotic handcrafted cocktails, rooftop bars, you name it. My newest adventure included exploring elegant, classy bars in the city. I compiled a list of my top 4 best bars when you feel like ballin’ out, classy, or fancy.

Artillery Bar

Located on Bull Street, this upscale bar is a perfect place for a fancy night out. The interior design incorporates late 19th century eclecticism and romanticism while introducing modern design elements. This bar has “house rules” which includes a dress code. The cocktails are handcrafted and range from $13-16. Their most popular drink is “The Doc” ($16), made with Rye whiskey, china china liqueur, aromatic bitter, mint, smoked pipe tobacco, orange zest, and a luxardo cherry.




This rooftop bar is located above Local 11ten restaurant on the corner of Duffy and Bull street. During the winter, it is open weather permitting Thursday-Saturday. If you decide to “perch” here for a while, consider one of their most popular drinks. Their most popular drink is a real “Crowd Pleaser” ($9). This drink is one of their cheapest drinks and it is made with grapefruit vodka, lemon, st.germain, raspberry, and soda.


Cocktail Co


Try the “Moscow Mule” at Cocktail Co. located on Whitaker Street.

This bar is located on Whitaker Street and on top of the restaurant Co. Some nights, this bar will have live music while you lounge. They have draft cocktails, made with fresh fruits and house made ingredients, that range from $10-12.  Try the “Moscow Mule” ($10) it is a refreshing drink made with vodka, house made ginger beer, and lime juice.



Alleycat Lounge


This bar is Savannah’s newest bar located in an alleyway behind J.Crew on Broughton Street. You will walk into a speakeasy atmosphere. When you take a seat, you will find a newspaper with lists of cocktails, spirits, wine, and beer along with facts and quotes about alcohol, spirits, and cocktails. I tried “La Noche Loca” ($10), a delicious, refreshing drink made with tequila, mango, mint, lime, and champagne. If you go with a group of friends, for $14 per person you can order a punch bowl.
If you go for a fancy night out, I hope you consider one of these bars and enjoy being a part of Savannah’s nightlife. Don’t forget to tip your bartender!

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