“Moonlight” was named Oscar winner for best picture after “La La Land” was announced first. What are your thoughts on the mishap?

oped5It makes it kind of awkward and it makes La La Land kind of sad. I think it was probably an accident because that would be unprofessional.

Ashton Payne, Junior cyber security




oped2I heard the cards were swapped.

Morgan Washington, Sophomore criminal justice





oped3I thought it was really awkward and kind of hard to watch. They were so happy and then they lost. I think it was an accident but it’s a live show- you have to make sure that stuff is triple checked.

Angel Chrisentary , Sophomore marine biology




oped4I think something like that would be an accident.

Shivaji Bhagat, Freshman undecided





oped1I think it was intentional, especially considering Steve Harvey’s snafu last year and the hashtag #oscarssowhite. I think it was meant to detract from the spotlight and awareness that the film deserves because then it became more about the controversy and not about Moonlight itself.  

Lila Miller, Senior professional communications


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