Campus Voice

1. What are your plans after  finals?

2. What type of chip would you be?


I’m going to relax and work 25 hours a week… and a lays chip.

Marcelino Roland, Zumba instructor




Serving steaks at Outback Steakhouse and taking a class in July….I would be a salt and vinegar baked chip. But not lays, they’re gross.

Michaela Templeton Freshman,Rehabilitation Sciences




Going to Calvington, Ga to be a server at the restaurant where the Vampire Diaries is filmed… I’d be a cool ranch dorito.

Camerin Delaney Sophomore, Psychology





Going home to Perry, Ga to hang out with my best friend and sleep…. I’d be an original pringle.

Emily Hurst Sophomore, Nursing






Make enough money to buy a Challenger or Mustang, also try to intern at Comcast… I’d be a flaming hot cheeto!

Nuh Tate Freshman, Mechanical Engineering





Home to Statesboro to think about my life goals…A barbeque chip.

Jehtayah Young, Freshman, Biochemistry






Work in my field in Douglasville, Ga and try to take some online classes…. If I were a chip I’d be a dab of ranch!

Justin Cosby Freshman, Early Childhood Education.


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