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What are your plans for Labor Day Weekend?

What are your plans for Labor Day Weekend?


augcampus5Going home to Atlanta for a cookout. Im not looking forward to the drive, but I get my car back [after being in the repair shop]!

Cassidy Gilbert, Health Sciences, Junior




augcampus4Going to a funeral actually, it is in Kentucky, and were driving…”

Jacob Smith, Cyber Science, Sophomore




augcampus3I just realized how boring I amI might go to Jacksonville to go shopping with my friend, and the zoo, but only if they have owls.

Armani Zellner, Secondary Education, Senior




augcampus2Probably workI get time and a half [for hours worked] at Memorial Hospital. That, and I have no family here.

Caeley Jardel, Nursing, Senior.




augcampusDo laundry, clean my room and possibly visit my cat Cheddarico, who lives with my dad.

Lauren Hohnen, Visual Arts, Sophomore.

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