Because of the cold front coming in this week, what are you doing to prepare for the cold weather?


campus voice 1 (2)Literally nothing. I have this jacket, I’m good to go. I think I have a blanket in my room, it’s perfectly fine.

Alden Bernitt

Junior, Math/Computer Science





campus voice 2 (2)I’m busting out all my jackets!

Caroline Pace

Senior, Health and Physical Education, Recreation and Coaching





campus voice 3 (2)I’m opening all my windows because it’s stuffy in here and now we have cold air breezing through.

Sara Kuehn

Junior, Radiation Therapy





campus voice 4 (2)I am spending as much time as possible outside while it’s still cold, and while I’m not sweating every second that I’m outside.

Unna Yared

Senior, Law and Society





campus voice 5 (2)I’m making a big pot of hot chocolate. I’ve been craving it!

Madison Sloan

Senior, Theatre