How has the time change affected your everyday life?


Campus voice 1I’m waking up way earlier than I need to.

Michaela Templeton

Sophomore, Rehabilitation Therapy






campus voice 2I feel like I’m getting a lot more sleep than I was, but I also feel like I’m not getting enough done in the day.

Kayla Wilharm

Junior, Child and Family Studies





campus voice 3It hasn’t really, I just wake up randomly in the middle of the night.

Ali Wells

Senior, Professional Communications





campus voice 4I’m a lot more tired, and I freak out in the morning because I think I’m late and it’s really bright.

Brandy Hall

Sophomore, Secondary Education





campus voice 5It made it better. I sleep in a little later, I get up feeling a little more refreshed and I can be more focused on my school work.

Jordan Fleming

Freshman, Rehabilitation Science