How would you feel if teachers were mandated to carry guns?

How would you feel if teachers were mandated to carry guns?


Julius Rodillas, Masters student, mhsa- healthcare administration

“I don’t feel like its a bad thing but I feel like it would be a lot of unnecessary responsibility on the teachers. Campus police can only do so much.”


Matthew Scully, Senior, Business Economics

“The request to have professors be mandated to carry guns would put more pressure on professors. It has positive and negative implications.”


LaTonya Sallywhite, Senior, Nursing

“I wouldn’t like that. I don’t trust some of my professors with that.”


Assata Griffin, Senior, LC Employee

“So long as you know they’re licensed and have practiced I think it’s ok. I think it could be ok if they were trained like police officers. Make sure they are required to be trained. I don’t know if every teacher should. We could just have more security officers.”


Sidney Davis, Sophomore, Art

“I’m in the military and I’ve had to fire those assault rifles before. It depends on the training they receive and whether or not they’re using their own gun and what kind.”


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