Presentations for the Consolidation

By Daylon Bonner, Staff Writer

Copy of SGA LOGO

A presentation was given by Dr. Frazier, the director of the Lane Library, and Dean Mitchell, the man overseeing the library facilities on all three campuses. The dean spoke of achieving better control of the budget and doing a better job of attaining funds from the private sector. He was also excited for the opportunity to build a connection with the Academic Student Success committee.

He brought his presentation to a close by stating that he hopes to aggressively promote the various resources, and more specifically the people, in the library and Learning Commons. To paraphrase him, the students have not used their resources to their fullest potential.

This presentation was followed by another one from Dr. Curtis. He asked the Senate to encourage students to take the time to register for Fall classes. According to him, as of last Friday, less than 50% of eligible students, on the Armstrong campus, have accessed their Georgia Southern account, let alone began to formulate a schedule for the coming semester.

Dr. Curtis demonstrated an understanding that the process will be difficult for students. However, enduring the process is necessary to register for classes and to find any other problems with the system. IT representatives are presumably posted in every building such that problems could be addressed during an advisement session, such as problems with the RAN numbers. He conceded that communication has been poor at the top levels leading to broken communication lines with students.

The Senate has followed through on their proposed assistance with a Spanish class from last week. They formally presented a write-up in support of the reinstatement of Spanish 4030.

Heroes Night is to be held April 11th at 6:00 pm in the Student Union Ballroom.


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