“Lady and the Tramp” Remake Begins Filming in September

By Ethan Smith, News Editor


Here’s news for all of you Disney fans here in Savannah. Get ready for this one! Savannah has been dubbed as one of the filming locations for the upcoming live-action remake of the Disney classic, “Lady and the Tramp”.

Filming for the movie is expected to start in early September and end right before Thanksgiving. The casting call was held at the Savannah Civic Center last week and gained overwhelming success with the line weaving several times around the building.

The director of the movie, Charlie Bean, has given the city of Savannah numerous compliments and praise and has also stated that he can’t wait for filming to begin.

As for logistics, most of Johnson Square will be shut down for about one to three days while Wright Square and the streets around it are expected to be off limits for about six days during filming at the locations. Wet Willie’s will also serve as a part of the movie with Factor’s Walk expected to be off limits for about five days.

Georgia has been the choice location for the filming of numerous TV shows and movies over the past couple of years, and Savannah has been involved in some of that action. Baywatch, The Do-Over and Dirty Grandpa are just a few such films. So if you’re downtown over the next couple months, be on the lookout for some of the cast and crew members that will be here for the remake of this Disney classic.


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