Armstrong Presents an “Evening of New Music”

By Stanton Dobson, Copy Editor

The “Evening of New Music”, a new event itself to the Armstrong campus of Georgia Southern, is to premier September 4 at 7:30 pm in the Fine Arts Auditorium. Dr. Russell Brown describes the concert as an opportunity to present the relatively new work of living classical composers and to introduce a distinctive type of classical music to an audience comprised of curious concert-goers, students and regular recital attendees.

The concert is to include students performing alongside music faulty and music faculty who are themselves performing alongside outside performers. These performers are among some of living classical composers that this concert will pay homage to, and one of them is Dr. Steven Landis.

The concert will primarily feature western music within the Classic music genre, but attendees can expect some of those works to be more progressive and even experimental in nature compared to traditional classical works. Some of the pieces will even include electronic media.

Brown suggests that the much of the music incorporated into the concert is easier to experience than to explain and advises that all available persons tune into the “Evening of New Music” as to not miss out on experiencing something special. “The most important thing is to not expect Beethoven,” Brown continues.

The concert is projected to be one hour long. The entire thing will also be livestreamed on YouTube to accommodate those that cannot make it to the event in person. Those that will not be able to make it to the event in person but are still interested in experiencing the “Evening of New Music” can access the livestream online via the Georgia Southern University Armstrong Campus Box Office website.

The tickets can also be accessed online via the Armstrong Campus Box Office website, and the pricing for them is $6.00 per every non-student attendee. Georgia Southern University students are granted free admission. It is not yet specified whether children or seniors will receive any special discounts for tickets.

On a final note, Brown informs that, despite the recent consolidation, students attending Georgia Southern at the Armstrong Campus of Georgia Southern University can still expect the continuation of events like the “Evening of New Music” at their home campus. Even though many other things have changed in light of the consolidation, Brown states that “there has been little change regarding our [the department of Fine Arts at Armstrong] ability to put on a concert like this except for some of the protocols for press releases and things of the like.”



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