You, Me & Ennui Makes Three

You, Me & Ennui Makes Three

Lila Miller


I feel too young to be set in my ways

habits, habits, habits make creatures of us all.

J’ai soif, mais pour quelle raison?


Dont I have enough? I still have the cup

To fill or to break, at my leisure.


My dreams are full of polyamory and infidelity

waking up exhausted, an IV of coffee


Laying still too briefly

I wonder idly what day it is. Wednesday.

The cat makes bread out of my chest

before I drag myself to the kitchen.


Waiting for the water to boil, I do the dishes.

Domestic bliss, a swollen face and a bum leg.

All I Want is to sit here and stare and stare and stare

through the windows at the crawling ivy

on the neighbors chain link fence.


To be a passive spectator, a casual observer.

Dont make me live and be disappointed.


The phone is ringing.

Someones at the door

A long yawn.

I guess we all do what we have to,

In the end.


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