Savannah Speed Classic Brings Speed to Quiet City

Savannah Speed Classic Logo. Photo by Hilton Head Motor Festival

By: Ethan Smith, News Editor

Historic Sportscar Racing is happy to host the Savannah Speed Classic once again this year.

Savannah is known as the birthplace of Grand Prix racing, so HCR brings the event to Savannah every year to celebrate racing’s heritage.

The event will feature many kinds of races ranging from series races, to enduros, to hot lap rides, and to road experiences. The event is suitable for all ages and is especially suitable for those who love a good race or an adrenaline rush.

The event will take place from Oct 26 to Oct 28, with events actively going on throughout the weekend. The event will be held on Hutchinson Island, which features a great view of the Savannah River and of River Street.

The classic will be held on the weekend, so maybe you could make a trip out of it and spend the entire day downtown exploring Savannah. The Savannah Speed Classic will bring Savannah and car-lovers together as it does every year.