Featured Club of the Week – Anime Club

Club Officers from the Anime Club. Photo by: Madison Watkins

By: Madison Watkins, Editor-in-Chief

This semester, we are trying out a new profile series called Club of the Week! Each week we’ll have a brief profile about a club on campus that students can join.

This week’s profile is on the Anime Club!

Anime Club (also known as J-PAC- Japanese Pop Culture and Appreciation Club) is for students who are interested in discussing Asian culture, eating different but tasty foods, and of course, anime.

At the beginning of every semester, the club officers and members vote on the different shows they will be watching every week.

The club officers also provide free food and drinks at every meeting. Some of the food and drinks regularly provided are Korean teas, Oreos with eccentric flavor and rice with a variety of seasonings available.

Meetings usually consist of watching an episode of a show and then spending an hour discussing and learning about topics related to that show.

If you are interested in joining Anime Club, they regularly meet at 6 pm on Wednesday nights in University Hall 157.