Hurricane Dorian Approaching

By Rebecca Munday and Jason Chapman, Staff Writers

Hurricane Dorian is approaching Florida’s Atlantic Coast. Governor Kemp has placed Chatham, and many other counties under a state of emergency. 

This threat of natural disaster is the first the southeastern United States has seen this year. 

According to the Weather Prediction Center as of 4:25 p.m. Friday Aug. 30, Savannah and the surrounding areas are forecasted to get up to six inches worth of rainfall next week. 

A student on campus, Brandon Ellerashaw was asked if he was concerned about any damage he said, “We usually don’t get hit directly.” 

Upon further questioning, he revealed, “It’s later after this one that I’m worried about.” 

Dorian is the first big hurricane threat to Coastal Georgia this season. In the past couple of years there have been numerous hurricanes that have caused damage to the Southeast. 

Student Mara Lewis, when asked if she would evacuate said, “It’s typically counterproductive.” 

Some students on campus are preparing in case there are problems after the storm makes landfall. 

Zak Davis said, “I bought a few more canned goods. We have several bottles of water.” 

“[My professor] spent a good amount of time talking about the hurricane in class.” 

As of press time, classes on all campuses are cancelled through Thursday Sept. 5. 



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