Time to Renew Housing

Rebecca Munday, Staff Writer

Feb. 2 is an important date for the housing selection process. The housing office usually hosts an open house with a tour of the spaces, especially for freshmen, who have never lived in the apartments before.

However, Kelly Vislocky, who works in the housing office, is unsure if that will happen this year. “It’s really a chance for people to get more on-hand help with the renewal and application process,” said Vislocky.

It’s the priority date for people who want to stay in their rooms or choose new rooms. The application continues then from Feb. 3 through the summer. “The farther down the line you get the less space we’ll have,” said Vislocky. 

Students can renew their housing by completing the following steps: 

  • Fill out the application for the 2020-2021 academic year through the housing application portal on mygeorgiasouthern.edu. 
  • Confirm your roommates before your renewal.
  • Self-select with your roommates beginning on Feb. 2. 

Students do not have to repay their housing application fee to renew their housing. 

Students can apply to live in University Terrace, University Crossings, Compass Point, or Windward Commons. Students requesting Windward Commons must email housing@georgiasouthern.edu. For more information, visit georgiasouthern.edu/housing.


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