High School, High Art: Annual Congressional High School Competition Exhibition

by Emily Dietrich, Staff Writer

Each year, the Armstrong Campus of Georgia Southern University hosts a gallery exhibition to showcase competition entries from Georgia’s 1st Congressional District in the Fine Arts Hall room 129.  

What’s more impressive than the swirling array of colors and exemplary artistic flair? These works were created by local high school students. Entering the gallery feels like stepping foot into a museum. There is a quiet murmur of appreciation among the viewers as patrons pull out their cameras to try and capture the rich black charcoal or vivacious pink acrylic on each respective canvas. 

The youth are greatly underestimated. Their talents widely go unnoticed and they are rarely appreciated. In the gallery, observers come to solely appreciate the works of these young talented artists. On every wall and table of the gallery, the capabilities of our local youth are displayed for anyone and everyone to see.  


IMG_7920.jpegMi-Lynn Mok, Identity Crisis, pins & colored dots, 2019, New Hampstead HS. 


IMG_7922.jpegJulia Roland, Love of a Lifetime, scratchboard, 2019, Savannah Arts Academy.


IMG_7933.jpegJenna Kullman, Pink-a-doodle-doo, acrylic, 2019, Savannah Arts Academy. 


IMG_7925.jpegFina Dooley, Nautilus Dish, pottery, 2019, Savannah Country Day. 



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