Thousands Gather in Downtown Savannah to Protest Against Police Brutality

a Photo Story by Jason Chapman, Editor in Chief

Thousands of protesters gathered in Downtown Savannah on May 31 to protest, and march against police brutality.

The protest was a peaceful one. It started in Johnson Square and moved in front of City Hall. The National Guard was blocking off Bay St. West of City Hall. Savannah Police blocked off Bay St. east of City Hall. Savannah’s leaders of government stood in front of the gathered crowd and voiced support of the movement on a loud speaker.

There were also many prayers sent up in honor of George Floyd and the countless others that have been the victims of police violence over the years.

The community that came together to stand in solidarity was a very diverse one. From City Hall the march moved east down Bay St. and down the ramp onto River St. At one point a series of loud pops could be heard further down River St.

After this happened many people started scrambling and the large group almost turned into a stampede. Things quickly calmed down and the protest then moved to inside Ellis Square located next to City Market.

In Ellis Square there were many people gathered. They were mourning, shouting, and voicing their frustrations. “No Justice, No Peace!” was a common chant. There were nurses walking around handing water out.

Barnard St. north of Ellis Square was soon clogged up with police and government vehicles. Protesters were waving burning sage all day to keep the crowd calm and two women began dispersing sage in front of the large gathering of government vehicles.

The march continued peacefully around downtown Savannah.

At this point there is a curfew in effect from 8:30p.m. until 7a.m. in the city of Savannah.




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