Campus Spotlight: Sisters with Purpose

By Lila Miller, Co-Editor-in-Chief

This week’s campus spotlight features Sisters with Purpose (SWP), with information from organization president, Ariana Rodriguez. Sisters with Purpose first began this semester, after Rodriguez and other women noticed the need for the program and wanted to provide the support. 

“In the Division of Student Affairs, our goal is to engage students in experiences that transform their lives and support the realization of their potential. One way students can engage in such experiences and have that support is with Sisters With Purpose (SWP), a retention and mentoring program supported by the university specifically for African-American women,” Rodriguez said. 

SWP is a mentoring program under the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA), designed to help African-American female students create their own path to success. As a member of their program, students will have access to a supportive community consisting of faculty, staff, and students that are focused on creating a culture of engagement and academic achievement. 

As with many other organizations, SWP has faced obstacles regarding COVID-19. “COVID-19 may have slowed us down but it has not stopped us. SWP still strives to provide any support students need. The OMA office is still open with a capacity restriction. All SWP events are now virtual for everyone’s safety. We also are utilizing all social media platforms to program as well,” Rodriguez said. 

During this year of pandemic, SWP is still working on events and programming that can be delivered to students safely. 

“We want to be that pillar of support engaging students in a transformative way anyway we can,” Rodriguez said. For more information on Sisters with Purpose and how to become a member please contact organization president Ariana Rodriguez via email or telephone at or (912) 478-7437.

Left to Right: Denisesha Hurley, LaQuandra Bundrage, Ariana Rodriguez (Graduate Student), Samoria Smith, Shateria Wright


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