The Winter Keeps Me Company

The Winter Keeps Me Company Gillian Sneve   Spring is a sun-kissed woman With a round belly and sunburnt cheeks Who sits on upon my window pane And with orange juice stains across her feather-light blouse she sings to me: “Without upkeep both people and houses alike will come to poison you.” And she is […]

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You, Me & Ennui Makes Three

You, Me & Ennui Makes Three Lila Miller   I feel too young to be set in my ways habits, habits, habits make creatures of us all. J’ai soif, mais pour quelle raison?   Don’t I have enough? I still have the cup To fill or to break, at my leisure.   My dreams are […]

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The Black Monarch

The Black Monarch Charity Williams   It always seemed to last longer than was expected that so called evening when we got together at the palace, the queen was seated at the hearth as the screams and shouts of thankful mercy surrounded her, she gracefully remained in her bloodstained throne and stayed the same age […]

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