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Where is the Live Music in Savannah?

By: Laura Weyman, Travel Editor

The Jinx- Geoff L. Johnson
Photo of The Jinx. Photo by Geoff L. Johnson.

The Jinx

From country to hip-hop to alternative metal, this funky venue puts on shows that fall all over the music genre spectrum. This is perhaps one of the most reputed music venues in Savannah and has been alive since the early 2000s. This stage is where successful and native Savannah bands such as Black Tusk and Kylesa come to play when in town.

The Wormhole- Photo Cred- The Wormhole
Photo of The Wormhole. Photo by The Wormhole.

The Wormhole

Located in the center of the Starland District, this dive bar and music venue arrived long before the neighborhood became the Little Five Points of Savannah. You can never be sure what kind of live shows will be hosted on this stage. Many local Artists of all genres perform there regularly, but The Wormhole has also hosted names as Big Dick Dale, the king of surf rock.

El Rocko- Photo Cred- Patrick L.
Picture of El Rocko Lounge. Photo by Patrick L.

El Rocko Lounge

This 60s-themed bar is decked out in gold from the ceiling to the floor and offers a variety of specialty cocktails, such as their famous Scorpion Tea that is known to be quite heavy on bourbon despite how smooth it goes down. El Rocko hosts live music shows all week long and is a great place to go dancing late night since their live shows are typically followed by a DJ set.

Barrellhouse South- Photo Cred- @Mikie_V
Photo of Barrelhouse South. Photo by Mikie_V.

Barrelhouse South

Located right next door to The Jinx on Congress Street, this bar is made up of two levels. The top floor is where the stage and main bar are located, while the bottom floor has pool tables and a second bar in case the band playing that night isn’t what you’re into. On the stage, you will most likely find bands that fall somewhere under the Southern Rock, Reggae, Jam Band, Electronic, Classic Rock or Blues Genres.

The Bean- Photo Cred- Savannah for 91 Days
Photo of Sentient Bean. Photo by Savannah for 91 Days.

The Sentient Bean

This little coffee shop hosts a variety of events all throughout the week and is a great option if you are underage. It is always open to all and hosts traveling bands that are bound to satisfy a variety of musical tastes.

5 Ways to Stay Entertained On the Southside

By: Laura Weyman, Travel Editor


Explore Georgia’s Sea Life


At the University of Georgia Aquarium (Located on Skidaway), you can explore Georgia’s marine life inside this 16 tank exhibit for only $6. From loggerhead turtles, to sharks, to Atlantic Spadefish, this tiny wildlife museum offers you a chance to observe Georgia’s coastal critters without venturing into the murky waters. As a bonus, the building is surrounded by beautiful trails you can stroll through after taking a tour inside the building.


Armstrong Campus Arboretum


Our very own 268 acre campus is home to a botanical garden! Next time you find yourself bored in between classes, pick up a guide and stroll around campus to learn about native plants such as live oak, southern magnolia, red bay, horse sugar and sparkleberry, or take a walk through the international garden located in between Solms and Hawes Hall.


Keller’s Flea Market- A Favorite for Locals and Tourists Alike  


This tourist and local attraction located right where 17 crosses 204 will make you feel like you are travelling in time. This 60 stall flea market has everything you need and want from puppies, to old game boy games, to baseball cards, to custom made leather belts, Keller’s Flea Market has it all.


Enjoy the Football Season at the Favorite Southside Staple


Football season is finally upon us and B & D Burgers is having specials on food and drinks all season long! Last weekend they offered: $15 Domestic Beer Buckets, $5 Smart Bombs,$4 Fireball Shots, $5 Jameson Shots, $5 Queso & Chips. Check their facebook page to see what next game’s specials will be!


Go Bowling!


AMF Savannah Lanes offers great deals on bowling and/or food and drinks every night of the week. They offer $2.50 games for Sunday Funday, $12.09 unlimited games and food and drink specials on Monday Mayhem, for $2.22 Tuesdays everything is $2.22, and College Night is every Thursdays which includes, $7 unlimited bowling, $2.50 slices, and $2.50 pints. Check their website for more specials going on!

Some of the best nature spots in Georgia

By: Laura Weyman, Travel Editor


Skidaway Island State Park

skidaway-island-state-park- Explore Georgia

This state park is made up of a variety of loop trails that spread across the maritime forest and lunge next to the salt water marsh. This is a beautiful place to enjoy a couple-mile hike at sunset while the fiddler crabs make their usual clicking sounds during low tide.

Harris Neck Refuge

Harris NEck- Joe Kegley

This refuge is well worth the 45 minutes’ drive from Armstrong campus. The abundance of wildlife that resides there cannot be seen elsewhere. Fall is approaching and birds are migrating back down south. It’s mating season for the wood storks and they are nesting at Harris Neck by the thousands. During this time, the trees are completely painted white and the nestlings are causing a ruckus with their braying cries. While wandering by the main pond and down the trails you may also spot alligators, turtles or painted buntings.

Providence Canyon State Park

Providence Canyon1- Neely's on Wheels

Have you always dreamt of seeing the Grand Canyon? Well, this spot may hold you over until you get to venture in the far west. It may not compare in size to the Grand Canyon, but at least you won’t have to fight off tourists. This little gem is located at 4 hours away from Savannah and one hour from Columbus Georgia.

Jekyll Island

Driftwoodbeach- Jekyll Island Club Resort

This destination is a little bit of drive, but is a refreshing change of scenery from the plain Tybee beaches. Driftwood monuments line the waterfront and it’s been featured by USA Today as one of the best Southern beaches for a weekend escape.

Oatland Island Wildlife Center

OtlandIsland- Cred- OIWC

Wolves once roamed inside the woods of Georgia. This species has been wiped out for decades now, but this wildlife center has re-created their habitat and houses a pack of wolves. If you loop around this almost two-mile-long trail, you can also encounter bobcats, cougars, alligators, foxes, bison, deer and a variety of birds.




Brain Food: The Options Beyond Campus

By Lila Miller, Staff Writer

Dining options on Georgia Southerns Armstrong Campus are currently in flux. Many students received emails citing that this week marks the beginning of GSUs Dining Daysevent. Dining Dayswill offer free food, coffee, T-shirts and an exclusive look at the new services Eagle Dining Services (EDS) is bringing to Armstrong Campus as well throughout the span of the next several weeks. While these changes include Sushi with Gusto, another coffee shop and a revamped food truck, Savannah offers a plethora of off-campus dining options that are worth noting.

The Chain Gang

For homesick or dorm-ridden students that may crave the familiar, chains like Applebees, Chilis, B&D Burgers and Olive Garden are a short walk from campus. For the budget-conscious, B&D Burgers also holds a college night every Thursday from 5 p.m. until closing offering a deal of buy one entree, get the second free. The event also conveniently falls within happy hour for those of legal drinking age.


Looking for Some Soul?

North of Louisiana, Savannah has some of the best southern soul food restaurants. Carey Hilliards is a Savannah staple and has a location close to the Armstrong Campus. Sisters of the New South is a bit of a trek, located off Skidaway Rd. but features true down-home southern cooking and soul food.” Narobias Grits & Gravy appears unassuming and has limited hours (approximately 7 a.m.-1 p.m. Tuesday through Friday) but with rave reviews from Google and Trip Advisor, it is worth the trip.

Frugal but Fun

With most college students (and people in general) juggling finances, going out to eat or getting take-out can be first luxury cut from the budget, however, that does not have to be the case. The Diner on Abercorn is the quintessential example of stylish, affordable dining. The diner is open 24 hours, seven days a week and offers a college discount of 10%. The diners interior can best be described as art deco, with sleek booths, formica table tops with futuristic patterns and a long bar.

Veg Heads

Fret not herbivores, you will not grow hungry here. Savannah offers several restaurants that cater exclusively to those with vegetarian and vegan diets. The Sentient Bean near Forsyth Park was established 30 years ago and boasts a strictly vegetarian/vegan menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Fairly new to the downtown area is Fox & Fig. The restaurant is entirely plant-based and contains a brunch-centricmenu, as well as vegan baked goods from sister restaurant Henny Penny Cafe.   

See anything you like or something we might have missed? Send suggestions to and we might feature a review of the restaurant in our next issue. Dig in, Armstrong.

Keeping the Tradition with an Unconventional Taste: Al Salaam Deli

By Laura Weyman, Travel Editor

“Al Salaam” an Arabic greeting which translates to “peace “or “may peace be upon you”, according to Meqbel Salameh, owner of Al Salaam Deli, this is what his business name translates to.

He further explained that “Salaam” is the Arabic equivalent to Shalom in Hebrew, and just like Shalom, it is used as a greeting.

He added, “That’s a good name to start with. We come in peace and we try to make things nice and easy for everybody.”


His roots originate from Jordan, but Salameh came to Savannah 27 years ago after living in New York and Raleigh, North Carolina previously.

In 2000, he opened the doors of this little corner joint on Habersham and 40th street.

Salameh wanted to bring the Savannah community, especially students, a healthy alternative to all of the junk food options that were around at the time.

Additionally, he wanted to bring downtown Savannah the true ethnic taste of falafel, babaganoush, hummus and gyros.


The women in his family play a big factor in his method of cooking.

When asked what inspired him to open up this restaurant, he responded, “My grandma and mother. I used to always watch them”.

Al Salaam has become a staple amongst the downtown Savannah community, but like Salameh, said, “People don’t come because of convenience. They come here because they like the food”. He added, “people come here one time, and they always come back”.

His biggest clientele may be SCAD students, but Salameh encounters people from all over the country who stop by just to taste his lamb.


Al Salaam is known for its Gyros. Salameh stated, “The lamb we cannot keep. That’s what everybody is coming for.”

All of the meats served are Halal, and that brings in a huge crowd of Jewish and Muslim customers from all over the world.

Salameh even mentioned that he encounters many Armstrong nursing students that come through on their lunch break from working in the hospital.


Al salaam has won the Connect Savannah price for best Middle Eastern Restaurant for the past three years and has earned nearly 5 stars on Yelp, Google and TripAdvisor.

This little mom and pop shop caters to all. Whether you are a meat lover, vegetarian or vegan, there is a dish for you. So, if you have yet to taste Al Salaam’s food, be sure to stop by on your next down town adventure and pop in to say to hello to Meqbel and his wife, Rose.