Statement from SGA EVP Spencer Demink

Here is a statement from SGA Executive Vice President Spencer Demink on the Book Burning Incident in Statesboro.   “What happened last Wednesday in Statesboro would by some, only be described as students exercising their first amendment rights. Although this is true, I would better describe it as racist behavior and should be treated as […]

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GSU Hosts Mayoral Forum

Jason Chapman, Staff Writer The first part of the Savannah Mayoral forums began on Oct. 10 in the Armstrong Center with a crowd of about 100 people. Four candidates were presented to the audience: Regina Thomas, Incumbent Mayor Eddie DeLoach, District 1 Alderman Van Johnson and Louis E. Wilson. Local WSAV news anchor Tina Tyus […]

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Don’t Play The Blame Game

Jason Chapman, Staff Writer Beat the Blame Game, an event hosted by Health Services was held in the Ogeechee Theater on Oct. 10. The event focused on the problem of victim blaming or the act of blaming the victim for a crime or any wrongful act that happens to them.  Beat the Blame Game focused […]

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Questions Without Proper Answers

SGA Holds Open Forum on Book Burning Incident Jason Chapman, Staff Writer “You’re going to hear university administration say they were bound to certain policies and laws that prevent them from taking action among students that burned a Cuban-American woman’s literature for calling students privileged for being white, part of the irony that after these […]

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Inclusive Excellence Report: Dr. Damon Williams Returns To Host Forum

Madison Watkins, Editor-in-Chief “Healing can only happen by listening and allowing folks a chance to articulate and emote and get things out and to have a dialogue…”- Dr. Damon Williams Dr. Damon Williams returned to Georgia Southern to host open forums on the Statesboro and Armstrong campuses. The forums concerned his recently published findings on […]

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