Op-Ed: Can’t Handle the Hurricane

Rebecca Munday, Staff Writer For the past four years, classes on the Armstrong campus have been disrupted by hurricanes, first Matthew, then Irma, next Michael, and most recently, Dorian. You would think that our campus administration could handle something that they’ve had so much experience with. However, the handling of Hurricane Dorian and overall hurricane […]

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Op-Ed: Buck Off, Rodeos

Rachel Hammond, Staff Writer Rodeos have been a tradition of Western culture for decades. There are several main events to a rodeo, such as bull riding and calf roping.  But do you know the cruelty behind rodeos? While it may look like a lot of fun to ride a bucking bull or bronc, these animals […]

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Opinion: Big Fish, Little Bowl

Rachel Hammond, Staff Writer As students both new and returning get settled into their dorms, there arises a conflict. Many students want to have a pet.  Cats and dogs require documentation to be allowed on-campus, whereas a “non-carnivorous fish housed in an aquarium that is 10-gallons or less” is 100% okay according to Georgia Southern’s […]

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