Meet the Staff


Madison Watkins: Editor-in-Chief

Hello, fellow students! After writing and working as an editor for The Inkwell for two years, I am excited to be Editor-in-Chief. I am looking to forward to what 2019 will bring. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any story ideas or want to write for us. I am also always interested in discussing anything related to movies and television. I am majoring in theatre performance with minors in film and journalism. When I’m not studying or writing articles, I like to watch movies, tv shows, and play Playstation. 



Ethan Smith: News Editor

Hey guys! My name is Ethan Smith, and I am the News Editor for the Spring 2019 Semester here at Armstrong. I am in my second semester as the News Editor, but many of you may know my true passion as an aspiring sports journalist. I am now a Multimedia Journalism Major with a Minor in Psychology, so I have changed my game a little bit. This semester is again another transition period, and I hope to bring you all of the news you need to know and everything you want to know. Cheers!



20180116_204559Lila Miller: Arts & Entertainment Editor



StantonInkwellStanton Dobson: Copy Editor

What’s good! My name’s Stanton. I’m a Computer Science major here at Armstrong that is looking to minor in physics, and my hobbies include learning languages and practicing piano.  This is my first time working as a copy editor at a newspaper and at the Inkwell but I hope I can do my part here to promote this school’s reputation. If you want me to  cover an event then email me at



Zach Armstrong: Layout Editor

Hey everyone! I’m Zach and I am the Layout Editor for The Inkwell. I have been doing the layout for the paper since the 2016 academic year. I am looking forward to bringing all of you a new paper design that is easy to grab your information and go. As for me personally I am a senior Computer Science/Cyber Security student here. When I am free, I am usually playing video games, learning more about security, or practicing Brazilian
Jiu-Jitsu. If you have comic strips, puzzles, or ideas and want them in the paper send them to me at:





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