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editor_2Kayla Rand: Editor in Chief

Hi Pirates! I am proud to announce that I am the new Inkwell Editor-in-Chief.  After working in the newspaper industry for two years, I decided to obtain my master’s degree at Armstrong. Unfortunately this is my final semester, but I know I will bring a diverse voice to the paper as I am the only graduate student on staff! I look forward to closing my chapter here with bang and starting my career in communications once I walk across that stage on December 9th.  You can find me covering different events on campus or in the Inkwell office in MCC. Don’t be afraid to say hi!




Isabelle HeadshotIsabelle Kovacs: News Editor

Ahoy, Pirates! I cannot be more excited to join the Inkwell staff this year as the new News Editor. I am majoring in English Literature, and I hope to one day edit as a career. I spend most of my time doing homework, reading (for fun? Gasp!), playing Skyrim, and cuddling my two kitties, Monet and Frida. In the wise words of one of my personal heroes, Leslie Knope, “There’s nothing we can’t do if we work hard, never sleep, and shirk all other responsibilities in our lives.” See you around, friends!




editorLila Miller: Arts & Entertainment Editor

This is my second year as the A&E editor and I couldn’t be more pleased to be back in the Inkwell office. I get a kick out of personally curating the weekly playlist. I’m also a serious bibliophile with a penchant for poetry. When I’m not studying, I enjoy practicing French, listening to records and making art in various mediums. Although I seem brooding, a warm hello can thaw out my cool demeanor. See you around campus!




editor_4Stanton Dobson: Copy Editor

What’s good! My name’s Stanton. I’m a Computer Science major here at Armstrong that is looking to minor in physics, and my hobbies include learning languages and practicing piano.  This is my first time working as a copy editor at a newspaper and at the inkwell but I hope I can do my part here to promote this school’s reputation. Previously I served as a tutor at Armstrong’s Writing Center. You may have seen me around there too.





Mitchell McDuffie: Photography Editor

Hello everyone! This is my first semester / year working for The Inkwell and I must say that I am very pleased to be here. I am currently attending my fifth year of school here at Armstrong and am pursuing a BFA in Visual Arts with a focus in photography. In my free time I enjoy photography, skateboarding, hanging out with my friends, playing music with my band, listening to music, and of course binge watching Netflix.





Zach Armstrong: Layout Editor

I am a senior Computer Science major with emphasis in Cyber Security. This is my second year working in the layout position at the Inkwell. I got into the layout position from working on multiple products in the Adobe Suite and being curious about the other products. When I am not making the paper beautiful for the eyes, I can be found in my room playing video games or around campus hanging with friends.




Charity Williams: Web Content Editor
Hey everybody! This is my first semester working as the Web Editor for the Inkwell. I am currently a junior Professional Communications major and I hope to one day teach or work in the publishing industry as a career. I spend my time watching Netflix, writing, and reading for fun. Be sure to say hello!




Ethan Smith: Advertising Sales Manager
Hi! I’m Ethan Smith and I’m proud to be the Advertising Sales Manager here at the Inkwell. I am currently a freshman in the Electrical Engineering REPP program as well as a staff writer for The Inkwell. This is my first semester working for The Inkwell, and when I’m not finding ads for the paper, I’m probably watching sports most likely Pittsburgh related.



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