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20180116_204559Lila Miller: Editor in Chief

Hello Armstrong… campus of Georgia Southern University! What a school year it has been (and will continue to be.) As the winter season ushers in a new year, 2018 brings new changes and opportunities to grow as a university together. In my four years at Armstrong, I have grown as a student and a person in ways I couldn’t previously imagine. As the new editor-in-chief of The Inkwell, I hope to lead the paper in an exciting direction that keeps people reading even after I graduate in May. Initially, I was a staff writer here at the Inkwell. After serving as the arts and entertainment section editor for the last two years, I have happily taken the opportunity to be the editor-in-chief for the last six months of my academic career. The beginning of a new year always serves as a good time to ruminate on the past. 2017 was difficult for the university-formerly-known-as Armstrong. Over the winter break, we officially became one of the three campuses of Georgia Southern University. As a directionless non-traditional transfer student, I remember finding myself distraught in my advisor, Dr. Robert Terry’s office as he told me that the soonest I would be able to graduate would be in the fall of 2017, at the ripe age of 27. Several years later, and one semester overdue, I stand at the precipice of this intense endeavor. Growing pains abound. Ultimately, as a school and community, I like to believe that we have gained more than we have lost. I look forward to seeing how we as students, faculty and staff thrive throughout this transition. With all of the changes that are to surface within the next school year, I hope that we can all process it as stealthily and graceful as I plan to cross the stage on graduation day. Happy new year all, let’s soar like the Eagles we’re becoming and ravage like the Pirates we once were.



20180116_204647Dan Hayes: News Editor

Hello Pirates, I mean  Eagles, and welcome back to a fresh new semester of learning. I am Dan Hayes your new News Editor here at the Inkwell. I am a senior English Professional Communications Major with an emphasis in creative writing. After graduation I plan to carve out a living as a freelance writer. I grew up writing scripts and short stories and have since graduated to poetry. I came to campus last fall after transferring in from Savannah State. By the time I graduate I will have been a Tiger, a Pirate, and an Eagle. I have previously worked as a server, bartender, mechanic, and welder. I look forward to bringing a new voice to the students.    



20180116_204350Madison Watkins:: Arts & Entertainment Editor

Hello, fellow students! After writing for The Inkwell for a year I am excited to be part of the team as the section editor for Arts and Entertainment. I am always interested in discussing anything related to movies and television so being able to apply that to a job is exciting. I am majoring in theatre performance with minors in film and journalism. When I’m not studying or writing articles, I like to watch movies, tv shows, and play Playstation. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends and going to Leopold’s.



editor_4Stanton Dobson: Copy Editor

What’s good! My name’s Stanton. I’m a Computer Science major here at Armstrong that is looking to minor in physics, and my hobbies include learning languages and practicing piano.  This is my first time working as a copy editor at a newspaper and at the inkwell but I hope I can do my part here to promote this school’s reputation. Previously I served as a tutor at Armstrong’s Writing Center. You may have seen me around there too.




Charity Williams: Web Content Editor

Hey everybody! This is my second semester working as the Web Editor for the Inkwell. I am currently a senior Professional Communications major and I hope to one day teach or work in the publishing or film industry as a career. I spend my time watching Netflix, writing, and reading for fun. Be sure to say hello!




Zach Armstrong: Layout Editor

I am a senior Computer Science major with emphasis in Cyber Security. This is my second year working in the layout position at the Inkwell. I got into the layout position from working on multiple products in the Adobe Suite and being curious about the other products. When I am not making the paper beautiful for the eyes, I can be found in my room playing video games or around campus hanging with friends.



20180116_204621Ethan Smith: Sports Editor


Hi guys, I’m Ethan Smith. I’m from Pittsburgh, PA and I’m an avid sports fan and personality. I am the Sports Editor here at the Inkwell, and interestingly enough, I aspire to be a Sports Journalist as well as an Electrical Engineer. I began working for the Inkwell in September of 2017 with my first story being the first Georgia Southern football Fan Fest in Savannah. I continued writing stories in the Fall of 2017 and enjoyed writing so much that I decided to come back for Spring 2018. I hope you guys enjoy our paper and everything it has to offer.



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