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Emily Smith: Editor in Chief

Emily is majoring in English Communications with a double minor in Journalism and Spanish. This is her second year as the Editor-in-Chief of The Inkwell newspaper and she also interns at WJCL News. Emily’s work has been published in Do Savannah as well as USA Today. When she isn’t consuming news, she’s reading books about interesting people and planning her next adventure.







Lucy Stone: News Editor
Llana is on the home stretch of her Professional Communications degree where she is focusing on Journalism. She got her start at the Inkwell in Spring 2014 when she wrote a preview of Savannah Fashion Week. Since then, she has written for South Magazine and worked as the Inkwell’s A&E editor before moving to news. The native Brit has dreams of one day being editor-in-chief of ELLE magazine.





Caleb Bailey: Sports Editor
Caleb is a senior English-Professional Communications student who is entering his third semester as Sports Editor with The Inkwell. He will obtain his degree in December and looks to continue his career in the field of sports journalism, in which he has worked consistently since 2012, while working full-time as a teacher and football coach at his high school Alma Mater. He is currently working with Campus Sports, a collegiate sports publication based out of Atlanta, where he is a senior writer and assistant editor. Over the summer, he did radio broadcasting with the Savannah Bananas on the Coastal Plain League WebPass Network. In his free time, you can find Caleb doing things ranging from writing and talking about sports to chasing Pikachu on campus when he should be studying for the next exam.





Lila Miller: Arts & Entertainment Editor

Lila is a professional communications major here at Armstrong. She will be graduating in May with her bachelor’s degree. She is truly elated to be a part of the Inkwell team. When she isn’t studying or writing for the Inkwell, you can find her writing poetry, drinking entirely too much coffee, or reading another Vonnegut book to further shatter her disillusioned youth.






Kylie Fields: Copy Editor
Kylie is a senior English and professional communications major. She’s worked in communications for 4 years. Beginning as a copy desk intern with a Metro-Atlanta newspaper, she climbed the ranks to become an Inkwell jack-of-all-trades and is now an extended intern writing for Gulfstream Aerospace. Find her on campus by her funny looking glasses, perch at the Gamble Hall front desk, or by a probable trail of cookie crumbs.





Elizabeth Rhaney: Photography Editor

Tanner Levi is a senior graphic design major. His love of fine art led him to major in photography and then transitioning to current major. During the summer before his 2016 senior year, he landed a wonderful internship as the Assistant Graphic Designer for Vaden Automotive Group.






Kim Crabtree: Layout Editor

Zach is a Junior Computer Science major pursuing a minor in Cyber Security. This is his first semester in Inkwell. He loves dogs and pandas. You can find him around campus either near where the closest snacks are or catching pokemon on the go.






Blair Wagner: Web Content Editor
Blair is a junior working towards a bachelors degree in Professional Communications.








Jordan Broam: Business Manager, Advertising
Jordan is a senior English Professional Communications major pursuing a minor in Creative Writing and learning Spanish on her own time. She is a military brat by birth and having moved 14 times, it takes her 10 minutes to answer “Where are you from?” When she’s not in class, she is working behind that bar at The Mansion on Forsyth Park or playing soccer no matter the weather.



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