Meet the Staff

Editors Kee’Ara Smith, Thuy-Linh Dang, and Jason Chapman

20180116_204559Lila Miller, Editor-in-Chief

Hello Armstrong Campus and beyond. I’m Lila Miller and I’ve been attending this university in some form or fashion since January 2014. Since then, I have worked with the Inkwell during the Armstrong years, as well as through last year’s transition into becoming the George-Anne: Inkwell edition. As a longtime Savannah resident and Armstrong student, I think it is integral to our identity as an institution to continue to amplify our campus’ unique voices and surrounding culture. I have been a writer, section editor and editor-in-chief in my time at the Inkwell. I will finish the school year out as the arts and entertainment editor while I complete my undergraduate degree in Writing. I am extremely passionate about the written word, psychology, art, music, and popular culture as a whole. This year (after many trials and tribulations), I am pleased to write that I will be graduating in the Spring of 2020. If you happen to run into a girl around campus bobbing around with a shag of pink hair, say hi and recommend some songs for our weekly playlist or an event you think we should cover. See you around! 


Thuy-Linh Dang, Editor-in-Chief

Hey all! My name’s Thuy-Linh. It’s pronounced like Twee-Lynn. I’m a junior and I’m majoring in Writing and Linguistics with a focus on journalism. I’m pretty easy to spot around campus. Just find the Asian girl with twenty one pilots gear on and you found the other 1/2 of your Editor-in-Chief! I’m excited to put my love for writing to good use and being one of the voices of this campus. Be sure to keep an eye out for our latest George-Anne Inkwell issue and make sure you stop by and say hi to us if you’re ever in the Memorial College Center (room 202 is where we’re at)!


Kee’Ara Smith, Managing Editor



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