Armstrong celebrates pride month

Kayla Rand, Staff Writer The Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) has organized a roster of events to create Pride Month in April to serve Armstrong’s own LGBTQ+ population. According to last year’s climate campus survey, one-sixth of Armstrong’s population identified as LGBTQ+. Beginning April 3 through the 26, the 2017 Pride Month will consist of guest speakers,… Continue Reading →

Feminists United Hosts first Open Mic Night

Breanna McDonald, Staff Writer Talent emerged Tuesday, Oct. 25, at Feminists United’s first Open Mic Night of the semester. Students gathered in the ballroom for the free pizza and drinks but most stayed after witnessing the opening act. Drummer Liz Rhaney, a graduate and former board member of Feminists United and guitar player Leena Ali,… Continue Reading →

Bright minds gather at Student Symposium

Elizabeth Rhaney, Photo Editor Nearly 300 students presented at this year’s Student Scholar Symposium in the Student Union. The event included two days of student presentations from different fields including biology, art, history and gender studies. Poster presentations were held on April 20, while oral presentations were held April 21. The event is in its… Continue Reading →

Op/Ed: We All Have Our Reasons

Opinion piece by Elizabeth Rhaney Why do human beings have religions? How and why do they become apart of people’s lives? Whether it’s a well populated religion like Christianity and Islam, or an amalgam of beliefs like those on Sapelo Island, faith in powers greater than ourselves can become a foundation for many cultures. What… Continue Reading →

What is Indie Rock?

Elizabeth Rhaney, Photography Editor What is indie rock? Who is indie rock? Indie is often used as a synonym for alternative, underground, edgy and not mainstream. In Spotify’s Women of Indie playlist, they chart the evolution of women in indie music- from legends like Patti Smith and Niko, to riot grrls like Le Tigre and… Continue Reading →

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