Todd Gurley
Todd Gurley of UGA was suspended last week

By Travis Jaudon, Staff Writer

Todd Gurley, the running-back and business major at the University of Georgia, was suspended by the school last week for allegedly accepting money in exchange for his autograph. The amount, speculated to be around $400, was given to Gurley in exchange for the signatures. Todd Gurley may have put that business degree to work before he even graduated, and shame on him, says the NCAA.

By Andrew Sutphen, Staff Writer

On Oct. 10, Dr. Maxine Bryant held a lecture at the Ogeechee Theater. She discussed some ideas concerning the future of Armstrong. Bryant wants the school to “open it’s doors to convicts.” Citing ASU’s mission statement, particularly it’s aim for a “diverse learning experience,” Dr. Bryant wants to use “higher education as a desistance factor.”

Picnic goers at Forsyth
Picnic goers at Forsyth Park

By Jessica Ferrera, Staff Writer

Colorful blankets and lawn chairs covered most of Forsyth Park on Oct. 5. Savannah’s Picnic in the Park brought together a vast amount of adults, children and pets to enjoy a beautiful fall day. Musical performances from the Savannah Arts Academy Orchestra, Equinox Jazz Quartet, and more, gave the community picnic a comfortable and family-friendly vibe.