Elly Marisol Estrada, Julie Brentzel and Matthias Dawas prepare to spray the crowd

By Randee May, Staff Writer

Around 8:30p.m. last Saturday, Armstrong’s eerily quiet campus sparked to life as GlowRage DJ, Ben Sremba dropped a beat that shook the very foundation of the campus.The party was originally to begin at eight. Gabrielle Grubbs, a member of the Campus Union Board stated, “I expect curiosity to draw in all the cats.”

By Julianne Field, Staff Writer

America’s National Anthem, the Star Spangled Banner, has a long and in some aspects odd history. On September 11, in the Fine Arts Hall, music Professor Robert Harris, director of Armstrong’s chorus, gave a stirring lecture on the history of our patriotic songs. With the aid of Armstrong’s Chamber choir, Harris presented the audience with examples of song version before and after they were adopted in our nation’s repertoire, although it only “scratched the surface” of the subject.