Fancy Friday

By Rebecca Munday, Editor Head on over to the Galley right now for a lunch featuring crab cakes with sriracha hollandaise sauce, bacon-wrapped Filet Mignon with cheesy Au Gratin potatoes and buttery sauteed broccolini. The Galley also offers vegan options for anyone on a vegan diet. The vegan-friendly lunch includes stuffed portobello mushrooms, maple glazed... Continue Reading →

Film Review: “Mimic” (2017): A Modern Take on a Korean Urban Legend

By Thuy-Linh Dang, Co-Editor-in-Chief “The Mimic,” which was originally titled “Jang-san Beom,” is a South Korean horror film that was written and directed by Huh Jung in 2017. The film is inspired by the Korean urban legend of a man-eating creature that preys on humans by mimicking human voices. The film opens with an unnamed... Continue Reading →

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