Polls: Sanders ‘political revolution’ to douse off in Ga.

Rolando Zenteno, Staff Writer Young voters feeling ‘the bern’ in the Peach State might see their impact freeze come Super Tuesday. Sanders, bolstered by young, independent and liberal voters, shook Hillary Clinton’s nationwide grip on the Democratic nomination following an avalanche victory in New Hampshire. But in Nevada, the Millennial vote couldn’t balance off a... Continue Reading →

Quolab feels the Bern, hosts ‘Savannah for Bernie’ barbeque

Rachel Little, Staff Writer A medley of Bernie Sanders supporters joined together Saturday night at Savannah’s local DIY venue Quolab to enjoy live music, homemade barbecue and a heated debate. Quolab owners Greg Hornak and Rainé Bunk collaborated with Savannah For Bernie to organize the Bernie Barbecue and Primary Voting Registration Blowout in hopes to... Continue Reading →

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