Press Freedom Through The Lens of 19th-Century Mexico

Thuy-Linh Dang, Staff Writer Dr. Corinna Zeltsman, Assistant Professor for the History Department, shared the work from her current book project, “Ink Under the Fingernails: Printing Politics in the 19th -Century Mexico” during the latest Robert I. Strozier Faculty Lecture. The lecture was on Nov. 15 in the Ogeechee Theater. Her topic was “Rethinking Press... Continue Reading →

Mayhem (and Plenty More) in the Margins

Rebecca Munday, Staff Writer “The churches were dark…it was not always easy to see these images by candlelight,” Stephen Wagner, the guest lecturer from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), who researches medieval manuscripts, said about scandalous images in churches and monasteries. On April 9 in the Ogeechee Theatre, Prof. Wagner lectured on “Mayhem... Continue Reading →

Dr. Julie Swanstrom Leads Faculty Lecture on Conceptualizing Causation

By Khayla Mcclinton, Staff Writer On March 6, Dr. Julie Swanstrom led a faculty lecture in the Ogeechee Theater. Swanstrom has degrees in the areas of philosophy, theology, and history, and is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Armstrong. Her lecture addressed the tracing of the conceptual shift in how we think about the causes of... Continue Reading →

Service Learning faculty lecture deemed a ‘greatly informative session”

By Gregory Simpson, Staff Writer This month's faculty lecture was done in a unique way, a tandem lecture, given by both Dr. Maya R. Clark, and Dr. April R. Garrity. Both are assistant professors in the Communication Sciences and Disorders Program teaching graduate level classes. The lecture titled Maximizing Learning: Increasing Learner Outcomes Through Service... Continue Reading →

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