Immigration Session 101

Attorney Jorge Gavilanes refutes immigration misconceptions   Jason Chapman, Staff Writer The NAACP at GSU had Attorney Jorge Gavilanes come speak to students about the current policy and climate of immigration law. Introducing the attorney was the NAACP President Ricky Perkins, “Jorge Gavilanes is a partner with Kuck Baxter Immigration LLC. Jorge is a graduate... Continue Reading →

NAACP chapter tackles #BlackLivesMatter, #SavannahLivesMatter

Elijah Clarke, Staff Writer Armstrong welcomed numerous special guests for a student panel discussion at “Deconstructing the movements beyond the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter and #SavannahLivesMatter.” The event was hosted by Armstrong’s NAACP chapter and students were encouraged to wear all black clothing. Elaine Mills led the event alongside three panelists: Lorenzo Mcdonald, a Savannah native who... Continue Reading →

Officer-related shooting occurs in West Savannah

By Destiny Marira, Staff Writer On September 18, 29-year-old Charles Smith was killed in an officer-related shooting in West Savannah while under arrest. Early Thursday afternoon, Smith was arrested due to having many outstanding warrants.  According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigations, Smith was placed in the back of a police car with his hands... Continue Reading →

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