Family and Friends grace the Jinx: Scheduled for Stopover again

Emily Smith, Editor in Chief Family and Friends entertained Savannah for the first time in a year at the Jinx this past December. The seven-member crew continues to gain momentum with their new album “XOXO” which was released after their performance at the Savannah Stopover in 2015, which garnered the group a massive amount of... Continue Reading →

Dissection of the Savannah Music Scene: Locals weigh in on current issues and future possibilities

By Zach Machado, Staff Writer Being among the more significant urban centers in Georgia, Savannah has a significant measure of night-life activities. Along with clubbing, dining, and bar-hopping, live-music is a mainstay source of recreation and moon-lit enjoyment. When it comes to music, one thing that separates Savannah from bigger cities such as Atlanta or... Continue Reading →

Savannah Stopover releases second wave lineup, poster contest

By Jess Brannen, Web Editor The second wave lineup for Savannah Stopover was announced Jan. 16 at The Jinx.  Savannah Stopover's unique ability to blend new, emerging acts and seasoned, national artists with regional talent is only part of the appeal of the festival. Held March 5-7, Stopover will feature over 100 bands hosted at venues such... Continue Reading →

Savannah Stopover announces early lineup for 5th annual festival

By Jess Brannen, Web Editor Savannah Stopover announced a portion of its lineup on Nov. 11 in anticipation of the 5th annual music festival. A roaring success in years past, the festival appears to be picking up speed - and more prominent names.  Musicians on their way to Austin's SXSW Music Conference and Festival will stop into downtown Savannah and... Continue Reading →

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