Pulse Festival Marries Art and Tech with Humanity

by Lila Miller, Arts/Entertainment Editor What happens when humanity is left with futile devices? What values are second nature? The Jepson Center of Telfair Academy Museums hosted this year’s Pulse Festival centered around art, technology, nature and how human interference works for and against societal and global change. The exhibitions feature work from the Telfair... Continue Reading →

Personal Treasures on Display in “Savannah Collects”

Elizabeth Rhaney, Photo Editor The Jepson museum invited three collectors to discuss the craft of collecting art on Oct. 2. John Duncan, Walter O. Evans and Eleanore de Sole shared how they became collectors and answered questions from the audience. Telfair Museums Director and CEO Lisa Grove, said the “Savannah Collects” exhibition is about "emphasizing... Continue Reading →

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